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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 10, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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you just gotta believe and keep spinnin', 'cause you never know. -- captions by vitac -- >> knew at 7:00, tempers flare in santa rosa what a sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a 13- year-old boy is now back on the job. a bay area golf club rocked by the arrest of a pro who teaches children. he faces dozens of molestation charges. the bay area is gearing up for another frigid night. how cold it will be in your area coming up. a tense night in santa rosa
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where a controversial decision left people outraged. >> what do we want? >> chanting protesters marched through the streets of santa rosa tonight. they have already clashed with police at least once. happening now, christian captain is following the protest march. he is live in santa rosa with the latest on a fluid situation. christian? [ chanting ] >> reporter: we're here at the santa rosa jail -- the sonoma county jail rather right in the middle of this very loud protest. let's walk in right now. the reason the protesters are here is because one of the protesters, a young man named ramon, was arrested while protesters were trying to get into the city council chambers earlier in santa rosa. you just saw a moment ago there, the sonoma county sheriff's deputies at the jail lined up inside of the jail.
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really separating them from the protesters. earlier the protesters were banging on that glass. let's show you video we shot a little earlier of the protest at city hall in santa rosa where the protester was arrested. the protester showed up there at about 4:30 this afternoon, tried to get into the city council chambers to address the city council, to express their frustration over the shooting of andy lopez. they created a bit of a ruckus. there was an arrest. santa rosa police arrested one young man. again, the crowd is chanting free ramon. so we are able to figure it out that his name is ramon. so the crowd then marched from the city council chambers through the streets here to the jail again demanding the release of that young man. let's go ahead and show you some of the video of the march as it marched through the streets of santa rosa. i marched with them for about a half hour. we were repeatedly told by the
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santa rosa police to get out of the streets, back on to the curb. while they were marching the crowd was calling for justice for andy lopez. they are free frustrated at the deputy who shot that young man is back on the job. he is doing administrative work. i talked briefly with the sheriff's office. thetdst they weren't going -- they said they weren't going to make on-camera statements. they said the deputy is back on the job. so this protest, right now it is here at the sonoma county jail. they could move over to the sheriff's office, which is nearby. we will continue monitoring the situation out here. we'll have more coverage for you coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. for now we're live in santa rosa, channel 2 news. >> the santa clara sheriff's department is investigating a deputy-involved shooting today in saratoga. three people, including two deputies, were injured. the deputies responded to the 12,000 block of saratoga avenue
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around noon today. officials say a man described as suicidal got involved in an altercation with a deputy and struck him with a blunt object. the deputy opened fire, critically injuring the man. another man got hurt during the altercation. both deputies went to the hospital with none-life threatening police. vallejo police are investigating a shooting outside a supermarket a few hours ago. a man was found shot to death before 4:00 this afternoon. a large crowd gathered in the parking lot of kings market on fairgrounds avenue. so far, vallejo police have not returned our calls for more information. this is vallejo's fourth homicide in less than two weeks and its 25th this year. continuing coverage now of the bay area cold snap. frigid temperatures contributed to delays at san jose airport. equipment used to deice planes at terminal a malfunctioned
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this morning. it affected 8 flights and led to delays up to two hours. another machine was brought in to deice the plane. while it warmed up a few degrees today, parts of the bay area are going to be another under freeze warning tonight. motorists are being warned to be careful of icy roads from the freezing temperatures. this morning black ice was reported on the doren memorial bridge along i-280 in san mateo county. the trucks poured sand on the roadway to create tracks for vehicles driving on the slippery road. black ice was reported on 280 near hillsboro where four vehicles were involved in an accident. for the third straight night, air quality officials issued a spare the air alert for the bay area, meaning all wood-burning is banned if it's not your primary source of heat. another spare the air day has already been called for tomorrow, making it four consecutive spare the air nights, a rare occurrence for the bay area.
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sunset just before 5:00 and we are already in the 30s in some cases. some areas just a few degrees above the freezing mark. let's take a look at some of the numbers outside. 35 in napa. low 40s in santa rosa. temperatures in the mid-30s in fairfield. and with that, i will say most of us, a few degrees warmer right now than 24 hours ago. it is taking some time, but we are gradually pulling out of this cold spell. not in time for tomorrow morning though. we do have more advisories for tonight and into tomorrow morning. the shade of purple indicating a freeze warning. the shade of blue a frost advisory. that means along the coast and around the bay temperatures are expected to sink to near freezing. if you are within the shade of the freeze warning, north bay valley and mountains, east bay valleys and the south bay valley locations temperatures are likely to slip below freezing and hold there. that means you want to protect your plants, pets and pipes.
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this is going to continue into tomorrow morning and then we will see temperatures rise above what we had for this afternoon. so when i come back, i'll show you the afternoon highs from today and what you can expect for tomorrow and by the weekend, mid to upper 60s in the forecast. >> this cold snap has been quite a challenge for students at one south bay school. the extreme measure being taken to keep them warm. a bay area golf instructor is facing 65 felony counts of sex abuse tonight. police say there may be more victims in the bay area and across the country. >> he's a pga golf pro and considered to be one of the top 50 golf masters for kids in the country. liver more police say andrew michael leveraged his reputation and skills to sexually abuse the students he coached. >> he used a lot of the promise of stardom, expensive gifts. it was just a slow grooming process in which he knew exactly which kids he could try to perpetrate this crime and be
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successful. >> livermore police know of three male victims, all former students who were abused between 2009 and 2012. the students range in age from 12 to 17. police say the investigation into necessary bit began two -- nesbitt when two of the students came forward. >> he came to the police station. during the interview he did make admissions committing these acts. >> reporter: the next day nesbitt was scheduled to get an award from the pga for creating the junior grip academy. 175 kids are enrolled in the program. >> he had quite a few kids involved in the program and it seemed to be very good program. >> reporter: a fellow golf instructor who didn't want to be identified said people in the community area were shocked to hear about nesbitt's arrest. >> i'm incredibly surprised and disappointed. >> reporter: they suspect he may have other victims. >> whether they want to come forward and cooperate with us, we hope they do. it's not an easy thing for a male to admit a male coach sexual assaulted them, but hopefully they know they're not
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alone. >> reporter: police say nesbitt organized golf clinics and tournaments across the country. they're reaching out to authorities in north carolina, alabama and other states because they believe there may be victims in those states as well. in livermore, channel 2 news. >> nesbitt did not enter a plea today. he is being held without bail and is due back in court on january 15. the sonoma county sheriff's office is conducting an underwater search for humanremains at lake sonoma. a recreational diver told are authorities on friday what looked like human remains near the lake sonoma bridge. today a dive team and an underwater robot from the oakland police department helped search the lake bottom. nothing was found. a sonoma county lieutenant said this evening they will schedule a second search with marin county divers possibly tomorrow. the leaders of nearly 100 nations joined tens of thousands of people today to pay tribute to nelson mandela, who died last week at the age
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of 95. >> a steady rain and transportation problems kept many away from the 95,000 seat stadium. president obama was one of the leaders asked to speak. he talked of the influence of the man many called by his tribal name, mandiba. >> while i will always fall short of his example, he makes me want to be a better man. he speaks to what's best inside us. >> the president called on other leaders to embrace mandela's call for racial reconciliation and tolerant dissent. one moment that's drawn a lot of attention is when president obama shook the hand of cuba's president raul castro. the white house has not commented on the significance or if it was merely a polite gesture as he greeted other leaders as well. here in the bay area, admirers
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of nelson mandela are offering their condolences and signing memorial books. san francisco mayor ed lee arranged for a memorial book at his city hall office through friday of this week. the city is holding a public memorial tomorrow morning at 8:00 beneath the city hallrotunda. now to capitol hill where bipartisan negotiators reached a cease-fire today in the congressional budget wars. >> i am happy to report we have reached an agreement. >> it is an $85 billion budget package. if it passes it would avoid another government shutdown and end the cycle of budget crieses that have plagued -- crisises that have plagued congress the last three years. the deal does not extend long- term benefits for the unemployed, which has been a key demand of house democrats. the washington d.c.'s first snow of the season prompted the cancellation of today's scheduled hearings into july's
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plane crash at sfo, but the snow won't cancel those hearings entirely. the national transportation safety board plans to condense two days of hearings into one day tomorrow. among the issues, the ncsb plans to look at, is whether overreliance on auto pilot systems has led to a decline in pilot flying skills. ken wayne is in washington for the hearings and will have full coverage tomorrow. you can follow ken on twitter for realtime updates. another pg and e gas line ruptures. the surreal scene as an underground fire burned beneath the street for hours. found alive in rugged terrain after missing two days. how two adults and four children survived freezing temperatures. it's been cold in the south bay and some parents say at one south bay school it's even colder in the classroom. we'll show you why they're so concerned about their children's health.
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desperation turned to celebration in the search for a family of six who have been missing in the mountains of northwest nevada almost 48 hours. the two adults and four children were found today near their overturned vehicle. a 35-year-old man and his girlfriend and four young children went missing on sunday. the family's jeep drove over an embankment. they were kept warm by building a fire amid subzero temperatures. hospital officials say despite some exposure issues the family is stable and doing well. continuing coverage now of today's gas line rupture that caused evacuations in an oakland neighborhood. an underground fire burned for hours until crews managed to shut off the gas. pg&e has not determined what
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caused the pipe to rupture. tonight residents are being allowed back into their homes. the pipe broke beneath golf links road at upon contain street below i-580. what crews had to do to secure that line. >> reporter: at 8:30 this morning, the intersection of golf links road and upon contain street started to -- phon contain street -- fontaine street started to burn. >> all of a sudden the ground just went up in flames. >> reporter: calls to 911 got an immediate response from the oakland fire department. >> it's something you don't see everyday, so we immediately called our hazmat materials units out and pg&e and our concern was we had gas coming from the ground. >> reporter: it turns out a 4- inch wide relatively low gas distribution pipeline ruptured for reasons unknown. since the fire was contained and not spreading, the fire was allowed to continue to burn for another 3 1/2 hours before it
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was capped. >> it's still going. you can see it. >> that allows us to do a couple of things. it allows us to isolate the area. it also allows us to limit the number of customers that would be out of gas service. >> after digging and shoring up an access hole to the pipe, pg&e used a tool to pinch the pipe off ending the fire after 11:30. >> at this point it's safe now. the shelter in place is being lifted for people that live in the immediate area. >> we can go and take a closer look at the pipeline in the ground and determine exactly what happened here today. >> reporter: the 19 homes that lost gas service today, ten have already been rehooked back into the system. the other nine will be served overnight by a compressed gas truck that will be hooked into their home. all repairs should be completed by tomorrow. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. apple has been awarded a patent for new curved screen
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displays. the company may be following in the footsteps of samsung and l.g. the south korean companies recently released the first two consumer smart phones featuring curved displays. apple's patent describes a method for creating higher quality curved screens that could offer a higher degree of sensitivity. general motors is making history. today it chose a woman as its new ceo. 51-year-old mary beara is at its chief executive post. she has been working as g.m.'s product development chief. she joined g.m. in the '80s and held a variety of jobs within the company including managing an assembly plant. she's set to replace current ceo who retires next month. on wall street, the major indexes pulled back today on some profit taking. the dow lost 52 points. the nasdaq dropped 8.
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the bay area cold snap is making it tough where the old heating systems have been keeping up with the demand. the problems for students and teachers in at least one solution. >> reporter: dorsa elementary is one of the oldest schools in the school district and in the recent school snap, that age shows. the school's old boiler system has been erratic. some parents complained when they got a phone call yesterday from the school recommending students bundle up because of heating problems, then found out it's been going on for a week. >> it shocked me i it took this long to get any type of contact. >> we weren't notified. i had to find out taking my daughter to class and the teacher telling me it's not much warmer inside than outside. this morning it was 28 degrees. >> reporter: we showed you how the community school in oakland is going through the same thing. california's building code requires steps be taken to maintain a minimum classroom
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temperature of 68 degrees. dorsa elementary has been taking those measures throughout the week. >> we were able to bring in space heaters to all of the classrooms that had unacceptably low temperatures and establish a comfortable temperature in the classrooms. >> reporter: it gives parents a chance to file complaints with the local school districts if they feel the classroom environment is unsafe. no one has done that yet and officials say they hope families understand. >> when i put out bulletins when the heating goes down when i know in advance. sometimes i don't know until the last minute and we're doing the best we can to accommodate in the moment. >> reporter: they plan to use limited bond money to fix the heating problem but at this point, rain makes repairing leaky roofs a highertrier ti. we -- priority. we are in for another cold night in the bay area. the question is when we leave these freezing temperatures behind. >> it will take time but we'll get there. i want to start out with a look at today's highs because we
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were anywhere from 2 to 5 degrees warmer today than yesterday. while it has been a very slow process, we do have a warming trend underway. i know it's tough to tell, but it's there. 57 in oakland today. 52 in fairfield. 52 in livermore. back on december 1st, livermore checked in about 73. do you remember those days? unseasonably mild weather. that is of the past. we are going to continue with advisories in place. touched on it at the top of the hour, a frost advisory for the coast as well as the bay. that freeze warning for the valleys and mountains lasting until 9:00 tomorrow morning. one more night of those freezing temperatures. the ridge of high pressure is nudging inward. as it does, it will continue to drive our temperatures up. some of our warmest weather coming in time for your weekend. mostly sunny skies and 60s in the forecast eventually. let me give you a look at what you can expect as you get out the door tomorrow morning. you will have to bundle up once again. 27 degrees expected for santa
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rosa. we're looking at mid- around the bay not as cold but still quite chilly. upper 30s for oakland. 41, san francisco. 31 redwood city. into the south bay you're looking at 32 for san jose. 30 degrees in morgans hill. bone chilling cold once again although not as cold as where we started in most cases this morning. afternoon highs for tomorrow, we'll nudge those up as well. 52 in santa rosa for the afternoon. >> you're looking at 52 in vallejo. low 50s, berkeley, hayward. 52 san francisco. low 50s for the inland east bay. 52 livermore. one. warmer spots, mid-50s expected for santa cruz. 54 for san jose. when will we get into the 60s. it will take another day or two. temperatures reaching into the low 60s as we start the bay area weekend. there is a look with your weekend always in view. temperatures ranging in the low 60s on saturday, mid-60s on sunday. take a look at the overnight lows. we will finally begin to see
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those temperatures pull out of the freezing mark. back to you. >> all right, thanks, rosemary. still ahead tonight, the effort to bring holiday cheer to needy children. it's the adopt a letter program. see how santa's helpers are pitching in at a san francisco post office. and big plans are unveiled for an event at the new 49ers stadium. just what is the economic impact of remembers sell mania? wrestle mania?
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some santas helpers have been stopping by a san francisco post office as part of an effort to bring holiday cheer to children in need. the letters to santa program offers the public a chance to answer the wishes of underprivileged children during the holiday. the u.s. postal service is asking volunteers to adopt a letter addressed to santa, fulfill the child's gift request and return the item to the post office for mailing. the last day to adopt letters in san francisco is next tuesday at the evans avenue post office. the santa clara county or city officials rather join members of the 49ers organization today to announce wrestle mania is coming to the new levi stadium. there was much fanfare as
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celebrity wrestlers and even 49ers tight end vernon davis made appearances to hype the upcoming event. it's set to take place in march of 2015. organizers say they expect to draw more than 100,000 visitors to silicon valley and pump more than $100 million into the bay area economy during a full week of activities. we'll see you at 10:00. tmz is next.
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>> today on "tmz", so we got these pictures of julia roberts. couple of theories. big turkey dinner or pregnant? >>we could also say she's 46 years old. >> somebody in their 50s and 60s could have a baby too. >> no, dummy. >> it's happened. >> there was a chick in the bible. >> jay-z performed. during his performance to "young forever" want to dedicate this song nelson mandela. >> he's been doing it all summer for trayvon martin. >> the song is partly a music


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